Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Meeting with MLS Commissioner Don Garber: Fan pictures and video.

Following you will find pictures and fan video taken during the meeting with MLS Commissioner Don Garber. None of the video is professional so bear with us. The video does give you a little taste of what it was like to be there.
I've seen much criticism out there from fans from other cities concerning the number of fans that showed up to the event. MLS asked us to only take 60 people.

Part 1 - Here Dan Courtemanche starts off the festivities, hands it over to the Miami Ultras President Pieter Brown who introduces the Miami Ultras video presentation. (You can see the video in the previous blog post below).

Part 2 - Uncle Ed reads a Fan letter to Don Garber. Pieter Brown and Miami Ultras Vice President Julio Caballero give Don Garber a Miami Ultras Scarf. Don Garber proceeds to talk to all in attendance about MLS. (Video not filmed very well but you can hear most of Don Garbers views prior to the Q & A)

End - Final moments of the meeting.

More pictures can be seen at the Miami Ultras site Miamisoccerfan.com

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Bring MLS to Miami.