Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Miami FC / Strikers PR Manager Ignacio Rodriguez on Feuerstein's Fire

Miami FC's (Soon to be Strikers) PR Manager Ignacio Rodriguez was on Daniel Feuerstein's "Feuerstein's Fire Episode #40" yesterday along with FC Tampa fan and Ralph's Mob member Garrett Tozier.

Following you will be able to listen to it but it starts off talking about the world Cup and the awarding of the 2022 event in Qatar and the possible changing of the schedule to accommodate the World Cup to the Winter. (To avoid the heat of the summer)

Then at about the 15th minute Daniel goes on to talk about the MLS meeting the Miami Ultras had with MLS Commissioner Don Garber. My question is why didn't Daniel have a Miami Ultra on the show?

Either way Ignacio had the Ultras back and challenged the Mob on behalf of the Ultras to play a game and he also proposed a game between Strikers and FC Tampa's front offices! Props to Ignacio.

But let me not bore you with words, go ahead and listen and leave a comment. (You can X out of the advertisement).

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Anonymous said...

Awesome! Ignacio made that Tampon look like his bitch!

Anonymous said...

This is Daniel Feuerstein. The reason is simple, I knew Ignacio would stand up for you & the next time I do something on the strikers, I will ask you to come on.

My apologies but honestly I don't know anyone from the Miami Ultra's. I promise to bring you or one of your members on the next time.

Uncle Ed said...

Sounds like a plan Daniel!

Anonymous said...

Forget the Ft Lauderdale Strikers/Miami FC.

We need to work for MLS NOW!

Enabling Traffic's team will only stop us from getting MLS in South Florida.

Anonymous said...

Bring MLS to South Florida!