Wednesday, January 26, 2011

SF Soccer news: NASL sanctioning issues, Strikers, Beckham, Marine Stadium and more.

The main topic of the week so far was the decision by the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) to pull its provisional Division 2 sanctioning of the North American Soccer League (NASL).
What bothers me is that for years the USSF sat there and watched the United Soccer Leagues (USL) do anything they wanted to soccer in this country from division 2 down. We saw dozens of teams fold, instability reign and nothing was done to correct it.
The moment a proposed league run by the team owners themselves was created, due to the USL's inability to work with its teams, is the moment the USSF decides to create rules and regulations that in my eyes looks like a road block to those opposing the incumbent league they were so used to dealing with. Suddenly, they decided to get strict... kinda makes you go 'hmmmm'.
So, the USSF says the issue was money. Well, the NASL just put up 6 million to cover that hole. If that doesn't ring stability I don't know what does! Let's see if the USSF comes up with another excuse. If they do then I think its obvious that there is more then meets the eye going on behind closed doors.
My message to the USSF: Work with the NASL to get them sanctioned. Create the stability you claim to want and get MLS, NASL and USL to work together for the good of soccer in this country.

The NASL has invested too much time and money to stop and not continue business as usual, having said that our local team the Strikers have released their 2011 schedule. You can see it by scrolling down to the previous blog post below.
The Miami Ultras are planning ahead for road trips to Tampa and one to Atlanta. Stay tuned for more information on that!

Beckham to bring MLS to Miami
The news of MLS to Miami continues this time People U.K. states David Beckham is being offered a deal to bring a team to the Magic City. While MLS Commissioner Garber was in South Florida for his meeting with the Miami Ultras, he did mention Beckham has the option of starting a team anywhere in the United States at a reduced price. Apparently the only condition is that it can't be L.A. nor N.Y.
More news from Ministry of Soccer says Beckham Might Buy Miami FC for MLS and Tribal Football has the same report.

Miami Marine Stadium
The Friends of Miami Marine Stadium were graceful enough to include this blog in their monthly news letter after a blog post we published made a little noise. Here is what they had to say:
The blog Football In Miami And Beyond provides up-to-date information on all things soccer in Miami and South Florida. Recently, the blog posted a story about placing a temporary floating soccer field in front of the Miami Marine Stadium. We don't know if this is fully feasible as the field would have to be easily moved and stored- but one already operates in Singapore. This particular story "went viral" and was posted on various soccer and sports blogs nationwide. Think of the possibilities the Stadium offers!
If you want to support the restoration of the Marine Stadium be sure to visit them at
Marine Stadium design by Derek Reese


Anonymous said...

Forget D2 soccer Bring MLS to Miami.

Anonymous said...

Please David bring MLS to Miami.

Anonymous said...

MLS in Miami bring it.

Anonymous said...

Support D2 to get MLS is the word from MLS. Support the Strikers or forget MLS.

Anonymous said...

The Strikers name and legacy will be ruined by the clowns at Traffic. Going from George Best and Gerd Mueller to some street ball player with no pro experience from Kendall or fourth division Brazilian is a big drop off. I'm serious. We cannot let the Strikers legacy be ruined by cheap fools who have proven for five years they don't understand the marketplace.

Ax D2/Traffic/NASL and bring MLS to Miami. Then we can be proud of soccer in South Florida again.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to support the Strikers and if an MLS team comes great.
Maybe the Strikers can be the team in MLS.

Anonymous said...

The original Strikers had the best players in the world. The new "Strikers" run by Traffic run open tryouts and phony combines to find "unearthed" local talent, most of whom are "unearthed" for a reason.

Bring MLS back to Miami

Anonymous said...

Miami FC/South Florida Strikers are a joke of a team. Traffic Sports should be shame. They are garbage and that what they have done in South Florida. Bring MLS to Miami but not from Traffic Sports.

Derek said...

If you all don't want to support the Strikers fine, then don't. Your not a real soccer fan and you won't be missed.

But mouthing off with comments like some of these, you're only hurting the cause of bringing MLS back and giving all South Florida soccer fans a bad name. So it's in your best interest to shut up because you're only making South Florida look bad in the eyes of MLS and potential investors.

If people could get past the prejudices against Traffic/Miami FC/D2/Fort Lauderdale or any of the other reasons I've heard people not wanting to support the team we have now, they'd realize what a great time it is to come out and see live local soccer, even if the team sucks.

Anonymous said...

Derek, you sound like you work for them. D2 sucks and traffic sports don't give @@*^%^* about soccer in South Florida.

Anonymous said...

Strikers should be in MLS and not in NASL-D2 soccer. They will kill the Strikers.

Anonymous said...

We must all work AGAINST this phony reincarnation of the Strikers at Lockhart. Traffic is a joke and has no understanding of the Miami market or the truly powerful legacy of the original Fort Lauderdale Strikers which was one of the best soccer teams on the planet.

Instead we get a cheap imitation at a D2 level as simply a shop window to park 3rd division Brazilian "talent" and Americans not good enough for MLS.

Bring us MLS and forget this phony Strikers. They aren't really the Strikers owned by the Robbie family anyhow, just a cheap, insulting knock off.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above sentiment. The Strikers need to be really honored not used by Traffic after years of failure with Miami FC to play on the emotions of south Florida soccer fans. This new Miami FC/Fort Lauderdale Strikers run by Traffic in the "new" NASL is not really the Strikers nor a serious professional club. Do not be conned.

I support MLS Miami and the legacy of the Miami Fusion and the original Fort Lauderdale Strikers. I will not be going to Traffic's games this season as they work to cheapen the Strikers legacy.

That is of course if they play at all because the Traffic Development League ah I mean new NASL has of course lost its USSF sanctioning. We won't get to see the likes of Leo Inacio and Brian Arguez strut their stuff in a Strikers kit. Personally, I am thankful. I don't want a team that once had Nene Cubillias, George Best and Gerd Mueller among other world superstars now associated with the likes of the guys who play on the dirt fields in Oakland Park or Hialeah but are called "professional soccer players."

Traffic and Miami FC. Isn't five failed years bad enough?

Jack said...

Mr Davidson throw in the towel on the NASL. You suck in running the Miami FC you will not going go destroyed the Strikers image.

Anonymous said...

It is heartbreaking to see this community reduced to the whims of Traffic Sports. We need a fan ownership model here, like the Green Bay Packers or soccer clubs in Europe. Only that model will make the return of the Strikers appropriate. Traffic Sports has no business being associated with an iconic brand like the Strikers or NASL. Miami FC has been a joke. Fold the team and please call your second rate league something different and stop trying to steal other people's legacies that you yourself could not build!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to ask the two people writing all the negative comments to stop with all the hate. You made your point. We get it. You hate Traffic. Fine, but you are not helping the your own cause which is to bring MLS to South Florida.
You heard Don Garber. We need to support what we have.

Anonymous said...

If the Strikers legacy is ruined as it probably will be Traffic's mission to kill South Florida soccer will be complete. Let's review their accomplishments since 2006

- MLS wanted back into Miami. Everyone figured it would be a great D2 market and move back into MLS quickly. But playing at Tropical Park, a joke stadium and not playing Romario in the first game started things badly for us.

- After a decent first year, Miami FC pinched pennies, with second rate players and no advertising.

- As attendance dropped people nationally said "Miami/South Florida sucks."

- Then Traffic threatened to pull the plug just weeks before the 2009 season.

- in 2009 Traffic split venues and brought a team of rejects and yet asked us to buy 5,000 season tickets.

- in 2010, Lockhart Stadium which last hosted a pro soccer team full time in 2010 averaged over 10,000 LESS FANS PER GAME than it had in the final year of the Fusion. No advertising, no marketing, nothing. This came in the same year they didn't announce a coach or venue until right before the season.

- the initial excitement about the return of the Ft Lauderdale Strikers name now has given way to a realization that Traffic is trying to grab a successful brand after failing with their own efforts to build a team locally. They are leeching of a legacy they had nothing to do with and with two months until the season still haven't announced a team name, colors or logo. Honestly, how hard is finding a team name? Ft Lauderdale Strikers is the name, right? Yet they don't announce it!

I haven't posted at all above, but share the same sentiments most of the comments. We can't support D2/Miami FC/Strikers when those running the ship don't support it themselves or even make us aware of what is happening.

Anonymous said...

Traffic's/Aaron Davidson mission is kill South Florida soccer. They have done nothing right. Just let another investor bring what all the fans have been asking for MLS MLS MLS MLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RC said...

Hey People Derek work for Miami FC/Strikers/Aaron Davidson. He's not going to talk bad about them. I am sure he know they suck.....

Uncle Ed said...

All I'm saying is that you guys talking bad about the new Strikers should give Traffic a chance.
Now that they run their own destiny they have no excuse.

To all fans, if you do not support this team you are contributing to the demise of Soccer in South Florida.

Guys, if this team fails as you suggest and want then say good bye to our hopes of ever getting an MLS team.

You may not want Traffic to take us to MLS but no other investor will want to bring us a team if they see that no one supports our D2 team.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Ed that’s boloney Traffic will NOT jump to the MLS. No one care for a bad run D2 soccer team.

Anonymous said...

The old Strikers never missed the playoffs. The new Strikers never make the playoffs. That's the simplest argument why Traffic should be stopped from using the Strikers name.

I could go on and on, but I'd rather have no team and hope for MLS to come home to Miami than this charade of Miami FC/ (phony) FTL Strikers/ Traffic/ Player Sales/ Team to Park bad Brazilian talent, etc, etc.

We would be better off without a team and a clean slate than with Traffic controlling the market.

Anonymous said...

The only MLS team coming back to Florida will be in The Tampa region.