Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hooray for Striker Girls!

Hola amigos! Burrito want to makes tribute to one of the best things the Strikers could have come up with... The Striker Girls! Si, they love Burrito too! ... and Burrito love them back, so sit back and enjoy a good quesadilla as you watch all these pictures of the muy calientes Striker Girls! Yeeeehaaaa!
If you want to see more pictures the Strikers have a Striker Girls album of their own, go HERE

Be sure to check out the Bigsoccer thread for updated pictures of the Striker Girls!
Note: All pictures are stolen, if  they are yours and you want them to be removed email Burrito at  and Burrito will delete them.
Be sure to check out the next Fort Lauderdale Strikers game this Saturday June 4, 2011 at 7:30 pm as the Strikers meet The Puerto Rico Islanders at Lockhart Stadium. Get tickets HERE  call 954-606-0400 or buy them at the game box office. Go Strikers!


Anonymous said...

Striker Girls!

Anonymous said...

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sportsbook website said...

woooow hell yeaah!!! a big hooray for those stunning beautiful, gorgeous, hot girls, I understand now why Strikers have those faithful fans!!