Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Miami Ultras Alive with Tim Robbie. Ottawa to have a new NASL team by 2013.

The latest Miami Ultras Alive show hosted by Pieter Brown and sidekick Uncle Ed was honored to have Fort Lauderdale Strikers President Tim Robbie as a guest.
Pieter and Ed started off talking about WPS side MagicJack and then went on to an interview with midfielder Brian Shriver who scored a brace and continued with a quick interview with Strikers coach Daryl Shore.
Tim Robbie joined us shortly after at about the 18 min mark to discuss the issues that have developed with the FAA concerning the Stadium. He also let out some great information in reference to a new NASL team out of Ottawa, Canada that will join the league in 2013. (See it at 55 min) It proves that the NASL is here to stay and so are the Strikers that are thought of as the flag ship of the league. The podcast ends with talk about the Gold Cup games in Miami and how impressed I was with the ambiance and the stadium. It reinforces the fact that Miami-Dade is still a good area for soccer.
Listen to the podcast:
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For those that didn't get a chance to see the Fort Lauderdale Strikers vs NSC Minnesota Stars highlights, check them out in the following video:


F19 said...

First goal from Yoximar was outstanding. And the celebration was even better. You can sort of see Chaco go in for the drink lol. You can definitely see the reaction from the fans haha.

The view might be worse, but being on the end is way better for moments like that one.


Antique said...

Love the "Red & Yellow, red & yellow, red & yellow". Maybe we should use that during the game?

Antique said...

Great interview w/Tim Robbie. Interesting info about who does own Lockhart - the FAA - about possible entry into MLS, Strikers not being represented at the Gold Cup, M-D residents & the Strikers and much more. Pieter & Uncle Ed's best effort yet.

Thanks, to the two of them.

Anonymous said...

Just heard the podcast. Good stuff guys and a class act guest. Tim Robbie could take the Strikers to MLS and beyond.

just(in) a soccer fan said...

Sorry Antique, that red and yellow song is horrible. Although I'm happy the NASL is looking to the future and all it really does is replace a Canadian team that is leaving, I would like to see more US teams added. Some teams out west. Get St. Louis back in here.

Anonymous said...

And get Austin back in too!

online sportsbook sites said...

a new NASL team for Ottawa?? I think they have enough for now, but I will be waiting to know more about this new team