Friday, June 10, 2011

Soccer weekend starts with Gold Cup in Miami, Strikers and more...

It all starts tonight with a double header at FIU Stadium (aka The Cage) in Miami tonight Friday June 10th. You can see Jamaica vs Guatemala starting at 7 pm and Honduras vs Grenada at 9 pm. Tickets are still available and you can buy them HERE or buy them at the FIU box office!

Fort Lauderdale Strikers
The fun doesn't stop there. Loyal South Florida soccer fans will meet at Lockhart Stadium this Saturday at 7:30 pm when the Fort Lauderdale Strikers play the NSC Minnesota Stars as the Strikers looks to keep escalating in the NASL standings.
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More Gold Cup
Gold Cup continues Saturday when Canada plays against Guadeloupe at 6 p.m in Tampa, Florida. Regrettably at almost the same time the Strikers game will be playing USA will face Panama, game set to start at 8 pm.

Lockhart Stadium 
For those worried about the developments referring to the possible closure of Lockhart and Fort Lauderdale stadiums. Our friends at Inside Minnesota Soccer have an interview with Strikers team President Tim Robbie who puts everything in a lighter note.
“It’s difficult to envision a scenario that would not allow us to complete our season here at Lockhart,” said Robbie. “The city of Fort Lauderdale and particularly Mayor Jack Seiler are working very diligently behind the scenes in order to assure there will be no interruption of the Strikers season. I think the chances of us having to move out this season are very, very remote.”
Be sure to read about it HERE

The Miami Ultras had an emergency meeting to discuss steps to take concerning the FAA's possible closure of the stadiums read about it at Miami Soccer Fan.

Tim Robbie is also set to join El Presidente Pieter Brown and Uncle Ed on Miami Ultras Alive #10 this coming Monday June 13 at 10 pm. This show will be live so join in the chat room or call in with your questions at (323)927-1455
The show will cover all the soccer events that take place this week with special attention to the Strikers.
You can listen to the show live on Monday HERE


Antique said...

I am very much looking forward to Ultras Alive to hear what Tim has to say. Thanks for the heads up.

sportsbook mobile app said...

I was so looking forward to the start of the Gold Cup in Miami because as you might know I love soccer and I like to watch international competitions like this one