Thursday, June 30, 2011

Strikers Tie... again! Now its time for a Tampa road trip!

Almost 6,000 people showed up at Lockhart Stadium this Wednesday despite the rain and conflicting U2 concert. It's all because our most hated rival came to town. FC Tampa Bay (aka Rowdies) came into South Florida in search of points and unfortunately they took one point with them.

The Strikers dominated this game with an incredible 24 shots of which only 6 were on goal. It was a game where the result should have been an overwhelming win by at least 4 goals but it's apparent we just can't score. Tampa on the other hand had only 2 shots on goal converting one of them. One thing the Strikers have been able to do is come from behind and tie their last few games. But the fans want wins especially at home!

Worth mentioning are all the supporters that rocked the stadium all night. If you listen in on the video you can hear the Strikers supporter tell the few Rowdies fans present that they can't hear them as well as other Tampa hate chants. The twelfth man was definitely present! Check out the video if you haven't already.

The supporters also had a JVB1 sign in honor of Strikers goalkeeping legend Jan van Beveren who passed away this past Sunday in Houston Texas. They also had a Tifo sporting the words "Kings of Florida" just so that the Rowdies are aware that they are the Strikers peons!
“We were just missing the final pass on a couple of chances,” said head coach Daryl Shore. “We were the aggressor tonight and it’s frustrating. Soccer is funny because you can have a team on their heels and one chance and you go down 1 - 0.”
You can read more about the game HERE
Here are a few more pictures from the Tailgate, the game and screen shots from the video.

Tampa Road Trip
In case you didn't know, the Strikers are headed up North to St. Petersburg to play the Rowdies on Monday July 4th at 6 pm. If you want to be part of the caravan we will depart out of Lockhart Stadium at 10AM sharp on Monday.

SFU has set up a 15 person van and there are still a couple of seats so if you want to tag along it will be $40 on Monday morning which includes the game ticket. Derek Reese even supplied us with a picture indicating where the Strikers Likers will be seated. Check it out! Click to enlarge.
As you can see we'll be sitting behind home plate, close to the Mob's section.
So come on people, lets invade Tampa! Get in your cars or hop on the bus with us to support our Strikers! If you want to join us contact us ASAP or see you Monday morning at Lockhart Stadium.
Let's Go Strikers!


Mitchell Rivera said...

yO ED, watch OUT for the WOLVERINE!

sportsbook mobile app said...

a Tampa road trip, wow that would be so nice, and I was wondering if I could join you to one of these trips, I think it would be so much fun!