Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Can Miami FC succeed in NASL?

With the creation of NASL things need to change for Miami FC. Fans don't want to hear any more excuses. If approved by the USSF then USL will be in the past and it's time for Traffic to take ownership of this baby!
I don't claim to be a Soccer expert, nor can I say I know how to run a soccer company such as Traffic or a Soccer Club like Miami FC. It's easy to sit outside and criticize, But I do run my own business and I know when things are being done half ass (Pardon the French).
Over at Miamisoccerfan.com Brian Corey wrote a piece called "Hopes and Fears for Miami Soccer Fans". In it Brian goes on to describe the ideal scenarios needed for the "Blues" to be successful in Southern Florida. Following I'll continue that discussion with a few points of my own. Here are a few things that I think need to be done:

-If they change the name it should be "Strikers" no city name needed. Focus on South Florida the region. People identify with the name and tradition. The rivalry with the Tampa Rowdies needs to be a focus. Time to organize the road trip! This one game needs to be a sellout in South Florida. I'm sure we can get a few hundred Rowdies fans down here.

- Play at either Lockhart or FIU Stadium, anything else is a step in the wrong direction. Landshark is too big. Tropical Park is too amateur looking. Signs are needed outside of the stadiums and on the main roads. Let people know you exist!

- Market the team as a major league team! If they do a half ass job like they did last year they will never get more then a few hundred people. They need billboards, advertising, sponsors on the jersey. Look at those people and companies supporting the World Cup bid. Those are the same people that need to be involved with this team. Get Local Celebrities on-board!

-Bring quality players. There needs to be at least one player that will be the face of the team at events and TV. Last year that player could have been Diego Serna but they didn't even use him to attract the Colombians, nor the one time Miami Fusion faithful.

-More exposure on TV, they got on Spanish Network Univision's Republic Deportiva a few times and thats great! If you can't get away games on TV then get them on the Internet like USL did (But better quality). Go Viral, improve the website, (sorry but it sucks). Use fan Blogs and sites to get the word out.
- Study the calendar, take advantage of festivals, events, fairs. Place booths at these events and use the Ultras, volunteers, interns to get the word out. This team is owned by a Brazilian company. Where are the Brazilians? Offer a season ticket package and organize a yearly Soccer tournament during the off season where The German club goes against the Brazilian Club and so on! This year go after the Social Clubs!

- Miami FC Blues Jerseys, shirts, hats and scarfs are hard to get. I've had people contact me on this site looking for jerseys which are hard to find. Create a site where products are available. It's not hard nor expensive. Look at the banner to the right with Miami Ultras gear, there is an example of how to do it!

- We don't know what the budget will be this year for the team, we hope its something substantial since they need to come out with a bang taking advantage of the new league. But as much as they need to market, they also need facilities for the players. I've heard nightmare story's from players that I wont repeat. If you want the players to perform then you need to give them the tools to succeed.

Finally, it's no secret South Florida fans are fickle, stuck up and bandwagon jumpers. Call us Soccer snobs but we want quality football. Give us a winning team and we will get some butts in the stadium. Everyone wants MLS, I hate to compare but back in 2001 with the Miami Fusion we averaged over 11,000. It took 4 years to get there and unfortunately they pre-maturely pulled the plug right when people started to care for the team. Miami FC has already been around for 4 years but many people still don't know they exist! Its time to change that.

If you have any more ideas leave a comment or send suggestions to Miami FC


Anonymous said...

They need a sponsor on the Jersey! Why not one of the many Cruise lines in South Florida or Perry Ellis? Hell, even if it's Burger King as long as its a cool look!

Uncle Ed said...

At one of the tailgates one of the Ultras mentioned that if Miami FC can't sell the front of the jersey that they should donate it to UNICEF! I think thats a good idea!

Anonymous said...

Miami? should play at FIU stadium if they want to look serious. YOU NEED TO MARKET THE TEAM.

Anonymous said...

I worked with them trying to get some image and message of their existence to the community, and management wouldn't participate with not $1. Its very difficult to work with people that don;t invest on themselves.

Tu Papi said...

If you don't spend money you wont make any money either.
It's a tough market down here but if they have a few high profile players they can give the air of a first class team. Get into the Concacaf Champions, beat MLS and Mexican teams and people will start believing.
Treat this team like a Premiere League team and players and fans will want to come to Miami just to see them.

junior de barranquilla said...

Well, dont want to hate on the jerseys, but if we stay Miami Fc or change to the strikers lets get real nice kits..

Kits that people will look at at want to buy the jersey because it looks nice, like Nike or Adidas, even Lotto, or maybe just an even better Joma Jersey..

If the jersey looks like I would buy it number one, and number two if its repping my home town then im definitely going to buy it.

Why do you think Yankees hats are always in demand? because they look good..

So I say start making up some Kit designs and give them to the team.. Nice Jerseys will bring attention to the team, just another way to market the team...

thomask said...

One of the best ways to build a fevent fan base is to create and nurture the emotional bond between the people involved on the club side and members in the local community.

Interview the players and discover the struggles they've had to get onto the pitch to build empathy.

Then take those players out into the community to do sport clinics, or help out with community service, or by going into hospitals and juvenile detention centres to inspire a positive spirit in people who are less fortunate or who have difficult personal circumstances.

Telling their stories one-on-one and offering advice about how to overcome problems and creates an atmosphere of mutual respect that really changes lives.

Players and organisations must set a positive example to be role models and deserving of success - when people are pushed to be the best they can be the results are amazing!

Good sports clubs are part of community life - they aren't just faceless corporate profit-making machines.

And the best players are those who are capable of performing on a public stage by taking on the wider responsibilities of what it means to wear the badge and colours and be a representative of the character of the fans in the stands.