Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Email Sunil Gulati to approve NASL! The Beautiful game at Art Basel Miami and more by Burrito

Burrito is tired of all this War of the Soccer Leagues between USL and NASL!

The latest comes from Burrito's compadre Kartik. It look like USL has sued teams for breach of contract!
Florida court documents filed on Tuesday indicate that the United Soccer Leagues have sued the Rochester Rhinos and two other clubs for breach of contract.

The Rhinos had allegedly committed contractually to play 2010 in USL’s First Division but instead opted to play in the yet to be sanctioned North American Soccer League. Also filed on Tuesday were lawsuits against prospective USL-1 clubs in Tampa Bay and (Crystal Palace) Baltimore who also have joined NASL after committing to the play 2010 in USL’s First Division.
Read more at the Kartik Report

Burrito believe USL is destroying the game with their arrogance. They never look to compromise, they no care about the game.
This is just a USL tactic to delay the creation of the NASL in hopes it will force the rest of the teams to join USL again! Pinches vatos!
It time for Soccer Fans to do something about it and write to Sunil Gulati to approve NASL for the sake of Futbol in the United States.

Email USSF Presidente Sunil Gulati at:

Tell him not to be a puppet of MLS and to do the right thing for the sport in America! Rejecting NASL would mean losing teams and fans! Do the right thing Approve NASL!

In other news Burrito attended Art Basel in Miami this past weekend and for you carnales who no liver here in South Florida, Art Basel is the most important art show in the United States, a cultural and social highlight for the Americas. It is the sister event of Switzerland's Art Basel, the most prestigious art show in the world.

The Beautiful game was present in the art too as you can see in the pictures before Burrito was kicked out.

For more pictures and Art information go to Local Motion Miami. Stay tuned tomorrow for an Interview made by Burrito's amigos Robert Scorca and Uncle Ed to a player Miami FC fans will miss!


Anonymous said...

Done! Everyone needs to write him an email!

Julio said...

I sent my email. Vamos soccer fans.

Anonymous said...

English! Do you speak it?!?!?

Burrito said...

@ Anonymous. Sorry pero Burrito is Mexican! English getting better after Burrito eat quesadillas!

Send email to El Presidente Gulati please!

Uncle Ed said...

I received a reply!

Subject: RE: Approve NASL
Date: Wed, 9 Dec 2009 12:01:31 -0500

Dear Sir:
Thank you for your email and the thoughts contained therein.
Sunil Gulati

Afusionado said...

I received the exact email back. It might be an automated email. His email must be getting bombarded!

Anonymous said...

better yet invite Sunil to come watch Miami then there will be 201 people watching!instead ofn the regular 200

Anonymous said...

USSF will continue to sanction USL - at least through 2010 because we do not want to shake up the USL-2 and PDL tiers by making a decision that would eliminate the revenues from USL-1 that these lower tiers use to survive.

It is widely recognized that a change from the status quo is needed. The NASL model may be the answer, but not for 2010. Pending lawsuits complicate matters further, and at this point it is too late to launch a league for next year. We cannot afford to throw the entire US soccer pyramid into disarray ahead of the 2018 bid.

Instead, we'll take a cautious approach and revisit the NASL proposal in October for consideration for the 2011 season.

Anonymous said...

The above comment is trash. The NASL and its owners are already recognized by the USSF as a legitimate entity. Thats why this process continues to go further. Thats why AC St. Louis made their announcement on Tuesday.

The USL is a dying baby that will continue to cry and throw tantrums until it is dead. A captain should go down with the ship and not expect everyoone else to go down with it. If the USL owes money then its better they go bankrupt instead of riding off the success of teams that are heading to the MLS in the future anyway.

I have not watched USL for the last two years and refuse to follow anything that begins involves the USL.

The NASL is Americas Division 2 League. It will launch in 2010. The World cup bid does not depend on the USL's success...if it did we would not ever win another bid.

USL is already forgotten. People are only talking about NASL.

Anonymous said...

@ 7:31 pm
The best thing to do is have USSF mediate the sale of USL-1 to the TOA so that Nurock doesn't lose too much of their investment.
Let them continue with USL-2, PDL, etc. Tthey will survive this year and then they have time to re-structure for 2011.
To not sanction NASL is a big mistake that will be the death of the teams who were KICKED OUT of USL-1 by the League.
Even if USSF doesn't sanction the NASL there are ways around it.
But the USSF needs to do the right thing for the survival of Soccer in the United States. There is enough time to get this done.

Anonymous said...

The problem with USL for several years now has been Miami FC.

Anonymous said...

Hey roses for a deadman,

NASL is not sanctioned by USSF and if mentioning them by name or talking to them means USSF recognizes them as a legitimate entity, so fucking what? USL is even more "recognized" by USSF under that definition! And just because USSF is talking to NASL doesn't mean that they won' be the one of the two legitimate entities that gets tossed out on their asses.

I bet USL wins out.

Anonymous said...

USL sucks!