Thursday, December 31, 2009

USL and NASL release statements over USSF decision

Both Leagues have released statements over the United States Soccer Federations decision to not sanction either as the 2nd division of U.S. Soccer.

NASL released a statement via the Miami FC site:
NASL respects the Federation's decision and its suggested course of action for obtaining sanctioning in 2010. NASL will continue during the next seven days to work in good faith towards an interim solution with United Soccer Leagues.
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USL's statement was much longer:
In support of USSF’s efforts to find a resolution for the upcoming season at its Division II Men’s Professional League level, USL very recently agreed to one of the proposals made by USSF requiring USL-1 and the contemplated North American Soccer League (NASL) to come together for 2010. USL remains willing to proceed with this USSF-proposed scenario in order to enable the 2010 season over the course of the next several days.
Meanwhile, USL will continue to move ahead with its preparations for the 2010 USL-1 season in the appropriate membership category.
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According to the Democrat & Chronicle Rhino's owner Rob Clark said the following:
I think we’re forced into a compromise and I don’t think a compromise was necessary. This is not the American way. (The U.S. Soccer Federation) inhibiting people’s ability to do business. We will have second-division soccer in America in 2010. Unfortunately, the governing body of the sport isn’t doing its part to aid that. We’re going forward with our (NASL) meetings next week in Miami and we’ll try to do what’s best for soccer in North America.
A Source in Miami confirms a meeting will take place with all NASL members next week. We will keep you updated.

The good thing is that according to the statements released it seems both parties are willing to talk and that is a good thing, but its going to be difficult for both to agree and compromise.

My solution would be for NASL to buy USL-1 (or the whole of USL) from Nurock. Agree to keep the current management for one year and then re-brand etc, etc, etc next year. I think this is what the USSF should have done. But its difficult today to tell the difference between MLS and the USSF. Kartik Krishnayer has some interesting opinions on this subject over at the Kartik Report. While Captain Positive asks: Is USL worth saving?


Miami said...

THE USSF did injustice to soccer fans.

Anonymous said...

Not cool, it's like leaving a bone for 2 dogs to share. Eventually one will take it but a fight will break out no matter what.
USSF is a pawn of MLS!

River said...

Things to ponder over the new year:

We also need to learn from English soccer and not just try to emulate it. After being relegated last year Portmouth United is going under this year.

Q: How will division 2 in the USA and Canada fit into the schema of MLS? do we want it to?

Seattle said...

Uncle Ed, Miami FC will hurt your feelings. Work on getting MLS. MLS is what Miami needs.