Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What is Miami FC's NASL Plan?

By Robert Scorca
Even though I am a very big fan of Miami FC, I am often puzzled by the way they do business. When it comes to the way they are towards the fans and the Miami Ultras they have been great. They have always made me feel special and appreciated. I have not heard any complaints in this area.
When it comes to signing players it is a different story. I have heard more complaints about this than anything else. I am in agreement with this as Miami FC has a wait and let's see policy. Yes, there was a season when we did not know if we were going to field a team but what about the other seasons? With the break away and the formation of the NASL there is no excuse. The new league is what Miami FC has wanted so why has nothing been done? All the clubs are in the same boat with the formation of the new league, sponsors, etcetera, yet others have found time to re-sign or add to their roster.
I decided to look up two of the more successful clubs, the Montreal Impact and the Vancouver Whitecaps to see how they do business. Some of these decisions were made before the breakaway but many have occurred after. I have used the team sites plus the team news for my information as I feel this would be the most reliable.

Montreal Impact
One thing I notice about the Impact is they prefer signing players for two years. I believe they do this so players can concentrate more with on field issues then worrying about next year. Here is the info I located about them. It includes the date when it was reported, player or coaches name, when their contract expires (without options) and duration of contract. All re-signed players do not have prior club listed. Reported dates are 2009 unless noted.
Dec.18, 2008, Matt Jordan 2010 two years
Jan.18, Patrick Leduc 2010 two years
Feb.18, Peter Byers 2010 two years
Feb. 27, Maynard Pierre-Rudolph 2010 two years
July 28, Hircham Aaboubou 2011 two years
Nov 13 Marc Dos Santos ( Head Coach) 2011 two years
Nov. 24 Gil Orriols Jansana (Assistant Coach) 2010 one year
Nov. 26 Rocco Placentino 2011 two years
Nov. 26 Adam Braz 2011 two years
Nov. 30 David Testo 2011 two years

Vancouver Whitecaps
Here is the info I located for the Whitecaps. It includes date reported, players name, year contract expires, duration of contract, and prior club (if not re-signed). All contracts expire 2010. I believe this is because the team will be moving up to the MLS in 2011.
Jan. 21 Ansu Toure 2010 two years (Miami FC)
Feb. 11 Wes Knight 2010 two years
Oct. 22 Martin Nash 2010
Nov 3 Takashi Hirano 2010
Nov. 3 Justin Moose 2010
Nov. 3 Nizar Khalfan 2010
Nov. 12 Chris Williams 2010 (Charleston Battery)
Nov 18 Ricardo Sanchez 2010 (Minnesota Thunder)
Nov . 30 Teitur Thordarson (Head Coach) 2010
Dec. 1 Jay Nolly 2010
Dec. 2 Zourab "Zee" Tsiskaridze 2010 (Miami FC)
Dec. 23 Jonathan "Jonny" Steele 2010 (Puerto Rico Islanders)
Dec. 23 Greg Janiciki 2010 (D.C. United)
Vancouver also held an off season training program for November 2nd thru December 4th.

Don't get me wrong, this piece is not meant to slam Miami FC. I bleed BLUE, it is my team and Miami FC is very much a part of my life. I, along with all the Miami Ultras want this team to succeed but wonder how they hope to do this by not pursuing available players or signing important pieces from prior years.


Anonymous said...

Could the answer be, 'Because they don't have a frigging clue how to do this?'

Anonymous said...

Tampa is the "REAL" FL team:


Anonymous said...

Not cool! Other teams are forming their squads while Miami sits back and waits. We've seen this before.

The only good team Miami had was the first year with Romario, Zinho and "El Loco" Rodriguez.
If Miami FC had continued that route people may have shown up to games the following year. But it's been declining ever since.
If they don't take advantage of this new league and form a team worthy of winning the championship then they may as well fold and let someone else bring us an MLS team.