Thursday, December 17, 2009

Pele and Garrincha, Gods of Brazilian Football

I ran across this BBC documentary about Pele and Garrincha put together in 2002. The film starts off in the 1950's, as Brazil lost in the Maracana versus Uruguay. It follows the careers and lives of Brazilian football stars Pele and Garrincha.
When they played on the same team, they never lost a game but by themselves their lives and careers took diffrent paths.

Pele and Garrincha are both footballing legends in Brazil. The film uses archive footage and details the story of these two men and explains how one became the World's Greatest Soccer player and the other died a broken alcoholic at the age of 49.

See the video below or HERE I highly recommend it!


Chicago said...

Hey Ed, Did you guys give up on MLS? I hope not. Keep pushing for it.

Uncle Ed said...

We have not given up on MLS. We have just focused on the survival of Miami FC and NASL.
It is the reality of Soccer in South Florida today so we must push all support in that direction if we ever hope to be part of MLS some day in the future.
Stay tuned!


Loren said...

I think that you guys need to contact Marcelo Claure and let him know that fans want MLS. He is your best shot at MLS. Miami is a top market that MLS should not ignore.

Marcos said...

What have you guys done to get Garber attention?

Uncle Ed said...

@ Loren, as part of The Miami Ultras I can tell you we are in contact with Marcelo Claure and he still has interest in MLS in Miami.
Check out for future info or read this link for the latest on Marcelo Claure:

@ Marcos Much has been done to get Garber's attention, one of which is the Miami Season Ticket Dedication (You can see a Banner below, click on it for more info and join). We also sent letters to David Beckham who has shown interest in Miami. We hope in the future he and Claure could team up and give us our MLS team. Read more here:

Ricardo said...

I think your last change will be the 20th slot. If you don't push, fight some other city will get it. If Claure is interested you guys need to really show him you want it.

MLS #1 City said...

Hey Miami there has been noise today about MLS in Minneapolis. I can here you guys down in Miami.

Anonymous said...

i read somewhere pele once played for a florida team... is it true if yes which one?