Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Best Soccer Brawls, with Mamacitas at end by Burrito

Hola amigos!
Burrito want to start things with bang! So here is some good fight videos! Burrito want to tell childrens that there is noting good about fighting so please be lover not fighter.
But once upon a time Burrito get bit on tail by Shitsu named Cloe an this make Burrito mad! So Burrito show that bitch who was boss and we end up having 5 shitsu/chihuahua pups! Burrito name pups Cuauhtémoc, Wynalda, Mya-ham, Cristiana Ronalda and Garber. Pero poor Garber got run over by car after trying to chase it. He was not the smartest pup Burrito ever have... and Burrito have many!

Anyways, you vatos want to see some fighting si? Burrito compile best 5 videos of epic brawls so check it out cabrones!

#1 Maradona Fight!

#2 Funny Fights!

#3 Ref hits player! Que pendejo!

Referee Hits Soccer Player - Watch more Funny Videos

#4 A fight, a fight, a woman beats another woman! In Brasilero Burrito think.

#5 Girls gone wild! Burrito love hot mamacitas...

Burrito want to tank his mami Encarnacion who be up in heavens after she fight with Pit bulls, mami you had him until he bite your head off! so close ...and Robert Scorca for feeding Burrito when Uncle Ed not home, thanks for extra chesse on quesadillas Roberto! El Presidente Pieter Brown for walking Burrito when he need to pipi and Julio Caballero for looking other way when Burrito hump his car tire.
Vamos Miami!

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Anonymous said...

I like how the ref who knocked out the player out ran the entire team. He probably would've kicked all their asses if he had stood his ground. Go ref!