Saturday, February 20, 2010

Interview with the newest Miami FC player, Bryan Perez

Bryan Perez is the newest member of Miami FC. His journey started in Costa Rica. At 6 or 7 years Bryan was enrolled in C. D. Saprissa's Futbol Academy where he played Attacking Midfield a position he would play for most of his career. Saprissa is Costa Rica's most successful futbol program. At 11 is was chosen to be a member of Saprissa traveling youth club.

This was not to be as his family moved to South Florida and he played for Glades Middle School. He went to Killian High School where he twice lead the team in scoring.
After high school he continued his education and soccer career at the University of Missouri-Kansas City where he played Attacking Mid/Forward. he ended his career there as the teams all time leader in goals (29), points (70), shots(160), and games played (78).
He is a huge fan of Walter Centeno who plays for C.D. Saprissa and the Costa Rica National Team.

Robert Scorca: Who was most instrumental in your development as a player and a person?
Bryan Perez: My parents have played a huge part in my development as a player and definitely as a person. They were always there for me in the good and in the bad. Victor Pastora, Rick Benben and Fred Schliting were coaches throughout my soccer career that taught me the game.

RS: What was your biggest soccer moment?
BP: I had many big soccer moments in my club team and in my college team but if I had to pick I will pick the one with my club team. I played for Renegades from the age 13 to 16. I was a big factor in why Renegades were winning and had success. As the club got bigger they were more interested in bringing in the best players than making a team. At 15 years old I started losing my spot and my confidence. I started having problems with the team and was thinking of leaving when I was 16. I departed the club under less than friendly terms. Victor Pastora found out and thank God, he was forming a team in West Kendall in my age group. We formed a good team with chemistry and humbleness. We made it to the State Championship and it was against the team that I had problems with, the Renegades. It was an intense game because it was not just for the championship but to prove that a team is made with more than just talent. We played in front of a lot of people and it showed how much this game meant. We scored and were on top, and we got a red card with 20 minutes left. Coaches Julio Perdomo and Victor told me, you made that team now destroy it! I defended and gave it my all. We than became the champions of Florida. I can not find word that describes the feeling of winning that game. That is a feeling I'm never going to forget.

RS: When Costa Rica plays the United States who do you cheer for? Which national team would you rather play for, Costa Rica or the United States?
BP: I cheer for Costa Rica. I am often asked who I would rather play for. Even though the United States is a place that made me and opened doors for me my heart is with Costa Rica and I would play for Costa Rica.

RS: Do you have any superstitions or game day rituals?
BP: I have a few. I can't play without taking a shower before I go to the game even though I showered before.

RS: You played for the University of Missouri-Kansas City. What will you miss most about your time here?
BP: I'm going to miss the moments I had there with my friends and teammates. There I learned how to survive and become a man. I met special people there that I'm always going to have in my heart.

RS: What do you feel will be your biggest adjustment from the college game to the pro game?
BP: Definitely the speed of play, but that is something you pick up quickly.

RS: Did you follow Miami FC before you left for college or while you were in college?
BP: I did follow Miami FC but never attended any of the games. I even played a scrimmage against Miami FC in 2006. Victor coached a select group against Miami FC's reserve players.

RS: How much did returning home factor in your decision to play for Miami FC?
BP: A lot, it made my decision real easy. Starting my professional here in Miami is a dream. This is the city where I grew up.

RS: How did Miami FC and you get in contact before they signed you?
BP: Coach Victor and I stayed in contact while I was in college. After I was not picked to be in the MLS Combine my interest in Miami FC grew. After a few phone calls I decided to return from Kansas City.

RS: Do you have a nickname? If not I advise you to come up with one. If not I am sure the Miami Ultras (Miami FC Supporters Group) will give you one to use in their chants.
BP: I get called BP and Negro.

RS: Anything you would like to say to the Miami FC fans?
BP: I would like to say that I am going to work hard to show my best, and for Miami FC to win games and hopefully win a championship.

RS: Any closing thoughts before we close out this interview?
BP: I want to thank you for doing this interview, and the organization for giving me the chance in the Miami FC family. I am looking forward to a great season and a great experience.


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