Monday, February 15, 2010

Ochocinco and his Football (Soccer) friends, Beckham, Ronaldinho, etc

I'm sad I sat on this for 5 days while waiting for some " Important information " that never came. Since then The Offside jumped on this. Last time I wait for anyone! So here it is:

Are you Addicted to Twitter? Someone that's a self confessed addict is Miami native and Cincinnati Bengal Player Chad Ochocinco

I started to follow Ochocinco after I heard he supported Miami's World Cup Bid and realized he was a Football (Soccer) Fan. Chad never fails to mention the beautiful game in his tweets and just last week he bombarded twitter with some real cool pictures of himself with famous Soccer stars. Be sure to check out the original pictures and leave a comment for Ochocinco (links under the pictures). Let him know how cool he is for loving the king of all sports.

Chad also mentioned something about playing for a team in Spain during the NFL off season and said it was thanks to Thierry Henry, but Chad never specified. I'm curious to see what he meant. We will see if we can get him to show up to a Miami FC game. As you can see he already has his own Jersey! Vamos Miami!

Ocho with Ronaldhino
Original Picture and Comment

Ocho with Materazzi
Original Picture and Comment

Ocho with Ibrahimovic
Original Picture and Comment

Ocho with Thierry Henry
Original Picture and Comment

Ocho with Ashley Cole
Original Picture and Comment

Ocho with David Beckham
Original Picture and Comment

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Anonymous said...

Ochocinco, Buy Miami FC and give us a good team!

Anonymous said...

ckh1 has a great Idea.
We the FANS should start a petition to

Anonymous said...

Ocho! Buy Miami FC!