Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Miami FC Signs Players, USSF Div 2 Logo revealed and Edmonton to NASL

With the release of the USSF Division 2 schedule the "Blues" have announced the signing of 2 players.

Fan favorite Zach "Beowulf" Kirby returns to lead in the defense. Zach was solid in the back effectively neutralizing attacks. "Beowulf" as the fans called him, was elected Miami Ultras Fan Club Player of the year. His signing answers what most Miami fans anxiously awaited, the signing of players as the inaugural match is less than 2 months away.

Kirby grew up in Marietta, Georgia and played college soccer at Boston University from 2003 to 2006. He was the 2006 America East Defender of the Year. Kirby was drafted in the 2nd round of the 2007 MLS Supplemental Draft by Los Angeles Galaxy, and was offered a contract, but was released in order to make roster room for Golden Balls himself David Beckham. Kirby has played for the Wilmington Hammerheads of the USL Second Division, the Atlanta Silverbacks of the USL First Division in 2008 and Miami FC.

Miami FC has also announced local Miami product Bryan Perez who comes from the University of Missouri Kansas City. Bryan is a forward who finished his career as the UMKC school record holder in goals (29), points (70), shots (160) and games played (78) Perez started all 78 games. Bryan was Captain of his Killian High School side as a senior. With youth on his side we hope Bryan will make an impact up top where Miami FC is in need of some magic.

Be sure to check out the Miami FC site as we are told many more announcements will be made in the days to come.

In other news the USSF Div 2 logo is out. Check it out below.

NASL News via other sites has an interesting piece on the addition of an Edmonton team to the NASL. It further makes the case that NASL is here to stay as they are looking at 2011 and beyond.
Sources within NASL tell us this is just the beginning. I've read all over that the NASL website is still a little weak if compared to the USL site. But I'm told its a work in progress. Official announcement should be out today.

One time Miami Fusion player goalkeeper Dusty Hudock was named player # 16 in the top 2 players of the decade in USL. Read more HERE


Angry South Florida Soccer Fan said...

Did you see Edmonton got the coach of the Dutch U-20 team and former PSV coach! They are not even playing in 2011 and they have a high level coach.

Miami/Fort Lauderdale/Traffic FC is playing in 2010 and to my knowledge does not have a coach!

Zach Kirby is wasting his time with this team. Like last year he'll be run over because the guy playing next to him and the guy playing in front of him are like semi professional players.

Steve Ralston is in our league now. Adam Nowland is in our league now. Yet we continue to bumble and stumble.

I'd prefer for Miami/Fort Lauderdale/Traffic FC to suspend operations for 2010 and come back in 2011 as the Fusion and play at Lockhart after a year of seriously scouting for players.

Anonymous said...

Its regretful that Miami FC waited so long to get the team going but this is all we have. If we ever want to dream of MLS or a better team then we need to support this team. I'm tired of reading all over that Miami is a bad sports market. Lets prove them wrong! Take a friend to the games and have them take a friend too.
Lets create a rivalry with Tampa!

Disappointed Fan said...

We will have another bad team in 2010. Traffic will not do anything to make Miami FC a team that can win. it is sad for fans the one that know about the team. Tampa will kill us.

If that is all we will have I wish someone would bring MLS to Miami. Traffic should not be the owner.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Ed, What is your thoughts.

Anonymous said...

I hope we are bringing in a high level head coach. We are so far behind that anything less will be a disaster.

Anonymous said...

We need to support this team. By not supporting them you are saying NO to the MLS. Good sports markets support their clubs through thick and thin. AC St. Louis has 11,549 fans on facebook and has yet to play a game. If this number is reflected in ticket sales who do you think will be more appealing to someone who is going to invest in an MLS club?

Anonymous said...

1. Play in Miami not in FT Lauderdale.
2. Market the team.
3. Bring in great players.

Anonymous said...

Ft. Lauderdale? You've got to be kidding. The only sports that do well in that bush league city are shuffle board at Century Village and watching mens figure skating on television in Wilton Manor.

Anonymous said...

If Miami FC move to Fort Lauderdale they might as well change their name to Gringo FC. The rest of us will HATE them if they become a Gringo team in a Gringo city. Miami is a worldly city with so many different types of people compared to Broward which is just old Jewish people from New York.

Anonymous said...

Take a look at the poll. http://answers.polldaddy.com/poll/2364725/?view=results&msg=voted

Anonymous said...

I am very excited to see that the club is signing players such as Kirby and Perez. Kirby is solid and anchors the D line.

Perez is a young guy straight out of college. I had the pleasure to see him play last year and he's legit. No doubt in my mind he will make an impact on this team right from the start. He's the spark we need up top. He's sick in the midfield too! Excited to see him play!

Anonymous said...

Gringo FC? Broward has more Jamaicans than any other place in the US. That's the main reason Air Jamaica stopped flying to Miami and increased Fort Lauderdale service. Oh, but Jamaicans have English sounding last names, so they must be gringos. Same for the Trinis in Broward. Hint- they buillt a Cricket Stadium in Broward for a reason. It wasn't for Gringos or Jews.

Anonymous said...

Jamaicans don't count. They watch the long ball dominated EPL more than anyone. People who really appreciate futbol live in Miami not Broward. Sorry, the Jamaicans are just darker Englishmen who wouldn't know real futbol if they stumbled upon it. As the capitol of the Americas, we must embrace the Latino and Hispanic style. Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay, Peru. Not England, Jamaica, and suburban white boy America.

Uncle Ed said...

My thoughts is that we need to support Miami FC. They are all we have so we need to be grateful.
I've been very critical about them on this blog, other blogs and boards but we must embrace them and give them a chance.
I will hold my judgment for the end of the season. Lets hope they continue to sign player that will help us beat all competition!
Vamos Miami!