Sunday, February 14, 2010

Breaking News: Miami FC Get Guardiola

Forget Dream Team… Miami FC Snatch Pep Guardiola From Barcelona

In an announcement that shocked the entire soccer world, Barcelona coach quit his position at Barcelona in order to take over the reigns at MiamiFC. This comes as a surprise to various fans of the club as he was getting ready to sign a new contract with the Catalans.

"I think I reached my peak here and it is time to move to greener pastures. They were really close to getting a franchise in Miami so that must mean something.

"If it's good enough for Romario, it's good enough for me," said the coach in reference to his former Dream Team mate.

Guardiola is ready to tackle a league as competitive as the NASL with a roster of stars that Miami FC is getting from all over the world. He was also impressed with the commitment the club has towards winning as well as the immense following that they have in South Florida.

This became apparent after they were able to have more people attend in five home games last year than the Florida Marlins did in their entire home schedule.

"The ambience at (Sun Life) Stadium will be incredible. To have 75,000 screaming fans will remind the fans of the old Dolphin days," says a source that would like to remain unidentified. Also to have a coach like Guardiola aboard it vital to the growth of a franchise and a community as well.

"Miami FC is a challenge for me as a coach said Guardiola. The team looks like they are on the edge of doing big things, there might be one or two signings that will make this team not only a threat in the league but also in Abu Dhabi."

He has also made it clear as to who his first signing will most likely be- Samuel Eto'o.

Details of the contract have not been disclosed but he is currently getting his B Class license to driver school buses and vans.


Anonymous said...

It sucks that Miami FC bloggers have nothing to talk about because the owners suck dick.

Anonymous said...

Only in our dreams. Maybe when MLS comes to Miami. Miami FC is to cheep.

Oscar said...

Miami FC are boring and that is sad. They don't have any imagination on what fans want to see from a so call pro soccer team. Every year is the same sad story.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, 10:56. MLS has so many top foreign managers doesn't it?

USL/USSF dII just hired a PSV manager who coached last year in the champions league. MLS has no one of this profile!

Anonymous said...

and you got this information from where?
legitimate source please!!!

Pedro said...

We don't have anything to talk about Miami FC that is sad and it sucks. They think fans will care when they them self don't care.

Anonymous said...

What we need is more fans to get loud about MLS to Miami.

Anonymous said...

"What we need is more fans to get loud about MLS to Miami."

Don't hold your breathe. That's why MLS left Miami in the first place and Barca Miami went nowhere, because less people were interested than even in cities that did not have serious bids.

Miami does not deserve MLS. You whiners keep complaining saying "we want MLS" when you are LAST in USL in attendance. You keep complaining about the team, but every season teams that have finished below Miami FC in the final USL standings have had higher attendance. Places like Virginia Beach, Austin, and Cleveland.

You people are an embarrassment and make the rest of the country hate you with your constant whining and sense of entitlement.

SEATTLE said...


Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 12:02PM and Seattle.
Ok, lets say the Seattle Sounders owners do the following:
The Season is less then 2 months away. They have 2 players signed. No Coach. No Stadium. No budget to advertise, Most teams in the league are playing friendlies as we speak... I can go on but you wonder why we have the lowest attendance in the league? You wonder why no one shows up? If Seattle did the same you'd vote the president out. People dont complain because they have nothing better to do but because we have a reason to do it.
Traffic needs to replace the higher ups with people who actually love Soccer. They need to talk, breath and eat Soccer, they need to dream Soccer and they dont. They are more concerned in selling players then giving us a winning team. Except for the first year its been nothing but a let down. Sadly I'm considering supporting the PDL team.

Anonymous said...

Traffic are the only company willing to operate a team in Miami and accept the millions of dollars of loses that come with operating in such a bad market. I don't blame them for cutting costs. Now they know why Ken Horowitz failed. They gave you competitive teams for three years and nobody showed up. I realize the last two years have been poor, but be thankful you have a team. After the experiences of the Fusion and Miami FC, NOBODY who is anything but a small time investor is EVER going to put a team down there again. It is a terrible market. I am tired of hearing dip wads like you guys and your mouthpiece who now is MLS PR director and his buddy "the Gaffer" talk about how great Miami could potentially be. Right now it is the weakest market with a professional team in the US or Canada. Weaker than tiny places like Harrisburg, Charleston and Richmond. You should be thankful Traffic even bothers rather than attack them for not giving you Barcelona or Chelsea.

Anonymous said...

Also people, why did Barca Miami fail? NO LOCAL SUPPORT OR INTEREST. If you cannot get behind Barca, who can you get behind?

I love how the Miami/Fort Lauderdale soccer crowd always blames everyone else for their problems. It's Ken Horrowitz's fault, no it's Traffic's fault, no it's USL's fault, no it's MLS' fault, no it's Claure's fault, no it's Barca's fault, no it's the fault of the team for playing in fort lauderdale, no it's the fault of the team for playing in Miami, no it's the fault of the papers for being obsessed with the Dolphins and Hurricanes, no it's the fault of US Soccer Federation for never holding games in Miami, no it is the fault of the TOA for pissing off USL, no it's this, no it's that.

You guys are a joke, a laughing stock of the nation in this sport. We wish you'd go away, but then wonder what we'd do for comic relief without you. People in Dallas, San Jose, Cleveland and Atlanta can say about their soccer support problems "at least we are not Miami!"

Anonymous said...

The two comments earlier was totaly someone with Traffic. Competitive team for 3 years? LOL I'll give you 1 year but then you gave up. It's been down hill since.
BarcaMiami didn't fail because of local support how could it? No one knew about it until the deal fell through! No one advertised and if you haven't read it was Barca who was not willing to pay 40 Million and I don't blame them MLS teams aren't any better then 2nd Division teams.

You know what? Just fold your piece of crap team and I'll willingly wait 10 years for someone with vision to step up and give it their all.

The Strikers were successful, the Fusion were getting there and its only a matter of time before we get a worthy owner who actually loves futbol enough to make it work.

Uncle Ed said...

We need to support Soccer in South Florida. Be it NASL, PDL, etc. If we ever want an MLS team back in our area then we need to show we want it.

Anonymous said...

We will never see MLS in Miami with Traffic in the way.