Monday, March 15, 2010

Miami FC Internet Fan Guide

We rapidly approach the start of the season and many South Florida Soccer fans keep asking me for information about the team, the players, the stadium, etc.

Well, I decided to put together this list of everything Miami FC related. Links from the actual news media to blogs to discussion groups. If I missed any please let me know. I'm grouping them up and will have permanent links to all of them on the right hand side of this blog.

Where do we start? The actual team site of course!
Miami FC Official site

But if you want an up to the minute update follow them on Twitter at:

Official News Papers

Miami Herald
Coverage of Soccer has been done for years by Michelle Kaufman. I've followed her since the Miami Fusion days. Adam Beasley also contributes and together they also run the blog Total Futbol I follow Adam's twitter and so can you at But beware, he sometimes twitters other sports info.

Sun Sentinel
Talk about following since the Miami Fusion days... I also remember Jeff Rusnack from back in the day and he continues to write about Soccer over at the Sentinel. Now that the Blues will be playing up in Broward I imagine he will cover the team much more.

Blogs have become more soccer friendly as of late; sometimes replacing regular news media. I guess its a sign of the times. Here are some good sites that I follow and so should you.

Miami Soccer Fan
For fans by the fans and it's true. "El Presidente" Pieter Brown of the Miami Ultras leads a rag tag group of soccer crazy fans who write about anything Soccer related in South Florida and just about anyone can contribute. They even have a Miami Soccer Fan in Spanish! See it HERE

Simply Football
Once upon a time they were called Mad about Football. Juan Arango leads the way covering everything and I mean everything soccer related. I don't know how he does it but he finds the time to write about the Blues too. You can also read his work over at the Miami Soccer Examiner His twitter

Behind the Blues
The official blog of Miami FC is a brand spanking new site. They say many of the front office staff will contribute. We still have to see what they can give us but be sure to check it out.

Miami FC 2

If you want to see pictures of the games this is the site for you! Victor Palkaninec is a long time South Florida Soccer Fan. He's basically the official Miami FC photographer and you can be sure to see pictures and read about the games every week.

Discussion Boards forum
Also run by Victor Palkaninec these boards have been around since the Fusion days and is now dedicated to the Miami FC Blues and other South Florida soccer related themes. Be sure to join it!

Big Soccer Miami FC Forum
I really shouldn't be advertising Big Soccer especially after they gave Burrito a red card banning him from ever commenting there for life. They just couldn't handle Burrito's style. Pretty harsh, but they have a good Miami FC section.

Miami FC Has 2 supporters groups that from what I hear will be uniting or at least be sitting next to each other this year. Please be sure to look them up and join their ranks!

Southern Legion
President Sean Gibb leads this group that has a special latin style. Join them on facebook where they have 142 members

Miami Ultras
They run the Miami Soccer Fan site and are also an Official Brigade of Sam's Army (Team USA supporters) The Ultras have a special season ticket offer, so JOIN them for free and take advantage of the deal!

Player Sites
Under this category is anything related to Miami FC players such as fan clubs, blogs, etc. I was only able to find one.
Show Me Ur Soccer Ball
Miami FC fan favorite Jarryd "The Hammer" Goldberg's blog consists of taking a picture of a soccer ball in a really cool spot wherever you live or visit. He already has some cool pictures up but fans can contribute by sending pictures. Go check it out and send him your pictures to

Last but not least you can follow this humble little blog Football in Miami and Beyond. We now have 5 official contributors ranging from the guru of South Florida soccer history Robert Scorca to the infamous quesadilla eating dog Burrito. You can also follow us on our twitter


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