Monday, March 22, 2010

Miami FC need to do Guerrilla Marketing! with video By Burrito

Before Burrito start a little remindererer... Los Azules (Blues for you gringos) will unveils their new 2010 uniforms this Thursday March 25, 2010 from 6 pm until 9 pm at America's Backyard.Its free so go or else Burrito hit you on head with quesadilla! For more information click HERE print the flyer and show up for a good time with the players and staff.

Burrito can see that Miami FC is getting some nice players this year most are very young and have mucho promise in the futures. Burrito believes Muzzi, Clavijo and the rest of the gang are creating a team of players that are the future of USA soccer!

Pero, whiles the team is looking good
on papers we still need peoples to come to the stadium! Burrito in his 11 years of existence has been banned from Bigsoccer, kicked out of Lockhart, FIU and Tropical Park stadiums for discrimination (Cause they no allow dawgs... but Burrito still sneak in!) and now Burrito will be even more hated! Following are "Burritos Guerrilla Marketing Tactics":

Let's face it homeses we dawgs like pretty ladies! Last year they have FIU cheerleaders/ Blue Angels. Burrito like them mucho so bring thems back. Also get some in stands, Burrito going to go to strip joints and invite some hot mamacitas from there too! Yeeehaaa!

Tailgates with sponsors! The best part for the fans is when we sits back and talk futbol before the games. Get local Ft Lauderdale shops to sponsor with food or drinks and everyone win! This will attract hungry and alcoholic fans.

A few signs close to stadium don't hurt either. Problem with Miami FC is that many peoples no no they exists. When there is game no one can tell cause everyone park in back of Lockharts Stadium. Put sign in front of stadium!

Miami FC staff need to be tricky! Last year they think up the "We'll shave out heads" idea that was good at first but they never cut anyone's hair!!! Fans demand a re-count!They say they have no budget, that they are cutting back... then do something smart like these Heineken vatos did.

Heineken told a group of futbol fans via girlfriends, bosses and professors that a classical concert was to take place at the same time as the huge championship soccer match between Real Madrid and AC Milan. More than 1,100 soccer fans got tricked and 1.5 million people saw their reactions on live TV. Heineken received five million visitors to their site and a great deal of news coverage shortly after. Check out this video.

You have more Guerrilla Marketing ideas the Blues can do to get people in the stands? Leave a comment!
Hasta los Huevos amigos!


Anonymous said...

Miami FC needs do do a better job marketing the team. They should not change to FT Lauderdale Strikers.

Pieter Brown said...

Love that Heinekin video

Anonymous said...

If they do come out as the Strikers next year they need to do everything they didn't do with Miami FC which is alot.

Larrry said...

Just don't call the team Ft Lauderdale the right name should be South Florida Strikers.

Anonymous said...

I thought Buritto was kicked out of Tropical Park, Orange Bowl, F.I.U. and Lockhart for "marking" the other teams goal

Anonymous said...

MLS Waiver Wire

Burrito said...

Si Burrito forget he was also kicked out of the Orange Bowl. Pinches culeros hate dawgs, all Burrito do was water the fields!

Anonymous said...

Hey Burrito water the name of FT Lauderdale Strikers. Don't call the team that name.

Anonymous said...

Don't call the team FT Lauderdale it's not right for fans from Miami that have supported you since the beginning.

Anonymous said...

Who should get 20th MLS team?

Uncle Ed said...

Miami FC will unveil their new 2010 uniforms Today Thursday March 25, 2010 from 6 pm until 9 pm at America's Backyard.
Everyone needs to go!