Friday, March 26, 2010

Miami FC signs Christian Gómez! Blues unveil their new 2010 Jersey

Yes, its true! Miami FC sign Argentine Christian Gómez!

Gómez will be a true general on the pitch for the Blues, something they lacked in past seasons. The former DC United playmaker was not offered a new contract with MLS this season and their loss is our gain!

Christian began playing at 17 with Argentine club Nueva Chicago, a 2nd division team at the time. He played with the team from 1991 to 1996, appearing in 155 games and scoring 46 goals. In 1997 Gómez moved to Independiente and played for them from 1997 to 1999, scoring 12 goals. He went on to Argentinos Juniors, returning to Nueva Chicago, where he would help the team earn promotion to the first division, scoring 14 goals. He returned to Independiente in 2002 and went on to Arsenal de Sarandí, where he would play in 30 games, scoring 6 goals, between 2002 and 2004.

In 2004 he came to D.C. United where they reached the MLS Cup. In 2005 Gómez was named to the MLS Best XI. In 2006 Gómez won the MLS Honda MVP award. In the 2007 he scored 10 goals and 9 assists. Gomez was named an MLS All-Star in 2005, 2006 and 2007. In 2008 he went on to the Colorado Rapids but was traded back to D.C. United during the 2009 pre-season.

The Blues now have a player that can be the face of the team. Check out the original press release HERE
Vamos Miami! Let's go Blues!

Last night Miami FC unveiled their 2010 jersey at America's Backyard in Ft Lauderdale. Check it out folks! Picture by Victor Palkaninec. For more pictures check out MiamiFC2
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Anonymous said...

Christian is a great player. Looks like Miami FC is finally getting it.

Abel F. said...

Cool. Let's see how it gels on the field.

Anonymous said...

Are there anymore pre-season games? Would be good to see Gomez with the team.

Anonymous said...

Miami FC will be fun to see this year.

Anonymous said...

I doubt Traffic will risk a player as valuable as Gomez with a bunch of hacks in pre-season.

I'm not really big on USL/NASL or Miami FC. MLS is the real league in this country. But Gomez is even by MLS standards a stud. He may be 35, but his best years have come after age 30, like a fine wine.

Traffic being the company they are will not risk him. We won't see him suit up until the 10th at Lockhart. I'll be there now. Before was not planning on going.

Uncle Ed said...

@Anonymous 5:22 PM
I'm glad you will be joining us.
I think in order to one day hope to get an MLS team we will need to show we are true soccer fans and support soccer in our area. If we show up in numbers to the games then investors will come. Be it Traffic or someone else.

Miami Fan said...

MLS will return to South Florida. So Lets support what we got now and show everyone that we do support soccer in South Florida.

Anonymous said...

Christian Gomez proves NASL is serious about challenging MLS. Ralston also. Little by little, the top veteran players with star appeal will defect since they can actually choose where they want to play in Traffic's new league.

It won't happen overnight, and I have been skeptical at times about the NASL vision, but the Gomez signing convinces me beyond a doubt where this thing is going. Now that Traffic has gotten out of USL they will spend money to make Miami FC strong and also help the other teams. I am sure they had a hand in convincing Ralston to leave MLS and join St Louis.

Some DCU fans may claim he was "waived" by DCU and thus not good enough. Not true at all. Others correctly, think United will collapse without him.

DCU did not want to pay him a DP salary. They were hoping to cut his wages to the level KC cut Claudio Lopez's wages two years ago. Recall, Lopez too was a DP and he then took the pay cut. Gomez isn't DP level anymore. He was from 2005-2008, but had he accepted the pay cut he would still be one of the top players in MLS. Look at how lost DC United was without him last night? The year he went to Colorado they replaced him with Gallardo who despite being awesome at River and PSG was NOT AS GOOD AS GOMEZ IN MLS!

I think anyone who doesn't come out to Lockhart this year because they want MLS is a fool. C. Gomez would be the best player still on half the MLS teams, including the one he left. Ralston would be the best player on half the MLS teams including the one he left. In fact, Ralston was still the team MVP LAST YEAR for the New England.

I want MLS here also, but right now the new NASL is looking good without all the hokey rules. Sure beats USL, even if it is not quite MLS just yet.

Anonymous said...

He signed a deal like Erpen last year. He will be in Argentinas 2nd division by June., just after his kids finish school in DC.

Ortega said...

MLS is still the top league and thats what I want to see in South Florida. Foe now i will support Miami FC.

Anonymous said...

Is going to help your team to get to next level (check the you tube video where he plays the allstar game with Beckham and all) I know he had other choices including Argentinian and Mexican teams but he did a reserach and chose Miami FC. His son plays in my son's team in Virginia he is 13, and boy he is talented...You guys have fun with a true warrior and magician on the field, I had the honor to play beside him in a scrimmage Parents Vs Players last week, he sees you with the back of his head and places that perfect pass! Go to the stadium and suport your team, check Christian Gomez on youtube..