Thursday, March 4, 2010

Orlando USL Team? Questionable owner? Schulz Academy holding tryouts and more.

The Orlando Sentinel Blog, "The Other Football" is reporting that the United Soccer Leagues (USL) will announce a New Orlando Soccer team for next year. We might be looking at a new 3 way rivalry with the Rowdies and Miami FC.

Sources have told us the proposed investor is Steve Donner. He helped bring pro-soccer (The Rhinos) and lacrosse to Rochester. He was also influential in the construction of two of Rochester’s most significant sports facilities; the ESL Sports Centre and PAETEC Park.

Irregularities have been mentioned in a recent article by Jeff Di Verronica concerning the deals made with the Stadium. Our sources indicate Donner left owing the Rhinos something in the millions, not mentioning fees owed to USSF and USL from 2002 to 2007 that apparently USL is ready to look the other way on. Perhaps because of Donner's interest in a USL team in his now home town Orlando, Florida. I'm sure we'll get more information on this in the days to come.

Fort Lauderdale Schulz Academy PDL-Team will be holding tryouts and here is the schedule:
Sat, 6 March 2010, 12:30-2:30pm (field 1)
Sat, 3 April 2010, 4-6pm (field 3)
Mon, 5 April 2010, 4-6pm (field 3)
Sat, 17 April 2010, 4-6pm (field 4)
All tryouts are at Central Broward Regional Park in Fort Lauderdale (Sunrise and US-441)
If interested you'll need to bring your soccer gear, a copy of your birth certificate and a picture.

Here is the Schulz Academy PDL 2010 SCHEDULE
Friday, May 7 Bradenton (Open Cup) Away
Sunday, May 16 Central Florida Home
Friday, May 21 Nashville (Open Cup) A
Sunday, May 23 Atlanta A
Saturday, May 29 Atlanta H
Monday, May 31 Central Florida (Open Cup) H
Saturday, June 5 New Orleans H
Thursday, June 17 Bradenton H
Sunday, June 20 Panama H
Friday, June 25 Baton Rouge H
Friday, July 4 Central Florida A
Thursday, July 15 Mississippi A
Saturday, July 17 Baton Rouge A
Wednesday, July 21 Bradenton A
Friday, July 23 Panama A
Sunday, July 25 Nashville H

Miami FC continues to build their team we have so far confirmed the following players:

D-Mike Randolph
D-Chris Gbandi
D-Cristiano Dias
M-Jarryd Goldberg
D-JP Rodrigues
F-Bryan Perez
D-Kyle Veris
D-Zach Kirby

We know of a few more players but the Blues have not announced them yet. Word has it Miami FC is now practicing at the Holiday Inn Hotel on University Dr in Sunrise.
There is a rumor that Miami FC will play FIU's soccer team this Saturday morning at FIU. For more details go to

USL-1 pro soccer headed to Orlando in 2011 as announced by USL
The future of professional soccer in Central Florida began to take shape with the announcement of a new United Soccer Leagues (USL) First Division franchise in Orlando. The Orlando Titans will serve as the principal owner and operator of the franchise, and will also be responsible for securing local minority investors.
It looks like USL will not let NASL take over the 2nd Division of U.S. Soccer without a fight! While NASL moves forward with Edmonton,(...and a few other markets to be announced from what I'm told) USL announces Steve Donner's Orlando Titans will operate the new team.
“We’re most excited about the quality of ownership joining USL in the Orlando Titans and Steve Donner." -Papadakis
Quality? Would be nice to see what the current Rhino ownership thinks about this...

***Jeff Di Veronica just put out this little gem called ‘Teflon’ Donner does it again; ex-Rhino owner prez of new Orlando soccer team
Last year Donner also launched a pro lacrosse franchise in Orlando. Sounds all eerily similar, doesn’t it?

By the numbers:
9 great years with the Rhinos
3 bad years with the Rhinos
1 tarnished franchise thanks, in part, to his mismanagement
Interesting stuff! Full Story HERE
To be continued...


Anonymous said...

Steve Donner already bankrupted one USL team!

Anonymous said...

Uncle Ed can you find out more info. on Miami FC vs FIU's soccer team game at FIU.?

Uncle Ed said...

Miami FC vs FIU game is at 10 am on Saturday at FIU.

Anonymous said...

Evidently they have enough players to play FIU. I take it that they now have more than 11 players available?

Uncle Ed said...

Yes, they have more then 11 but for some reason or another they have not announced the players yet.

Frustrated said...

Uncle Ed They have not announce pre-season or the game on Saturday against FIU. Miami FC are so disorganize every year. You wonder why will fans want to support them. Pass the word to Miami FC that they better do a better job. Tampa and other teams in NASL/USL knows how to do it. Can someone please bring us MLS.