Monday, March 7, 2011

The Fort Lauderdale Strikers Pub Crawl.

I'm a little late putting up these picture's because it took me that long to recover. The Strikers held their first Pub Crawl which helped fans and staff reach out to soccer fans that support European teams. We met up with Newcastle, Celtic and all sorts of casual followers of the beautiful game.
The schedule was to cover 3 pubs in the Broward/Palm Beach County areas closer to Lockhart Stadium. The team hired a bus that took us to our first stop the Fox and Hounds  located at 4812 N. Dixie Highway only a mile or so from the stadium. Later we headed South to Mickey Byrne's in Hollywood. Finally we arrived at the Lion and Eagle in Boca.
It was an all around good time. I hope this becomes a tradition! Vamos Strikers!


Anonymous said...

The Strikers are not south florida soccer team.

F19 said...

They aren't? Hmm... they play in South Florida, and they are the only professional team that does, so I'm pretty sure they are chief.

Who do you follow? Some MLS team over 1,000 miles away? Atlante from Cancun? A Euro team? Get over yourself and support local soccer.

Pub Crawl was fun, hope to see more events like this in the future.

Anonymous said...

D2 team with no name players.

Anonymous said...

By abandoning Miami for the gringo north they have abandoned true soccer fans. "Pub crawl?" The Brits would not know true futbol if they tripped over it. They compensate for their lack of skill or technique with hard tackling and rough play. Not futbol.

Ado Nino said...

C'mon stop fighting about the issue if the Strikers aren't a So.Fla. team.

First, I am Mexican,living in Kendall, Strikers supporter and I have to say they did not abandoned Miami for the gringo north, thing is the gringo north supported the team when it was called Miami FC same thing as the Miami Toros, and the latin-crowd from Miami never supported neither team. They had to move where the support was.

Plus, true football (soccer) fans, love their home team even if they are not in the best league or have world class players. Giving these excuses just makes feel pity over your lack of appreciation for football. Supporting only well-known established clubs means you really are not a fan of the sport, but a fan of the entertainment marketing scheme.

Come see a Strikers match and foment the appreciation for this sport.

Uncle Ed said...

I too live in Kendall and I drive up for Strikers games like I did back in the Fusion days.
Support all soccer in our area be it NASL, WPS, etc. If we support then MLS will come.
Fans need to unite. Go to South Florida United.
If you want to create an MLS only supporters group then do it on that site. In the end MLS is what we all want.

Anonymous said...

Open your eyes. Traffic sports will not bring you MLS. You will have a D2 and that’s all. You can keep your D2 we want MLS.

Anonymous said...

By not supporting D2 you are sending a message to Don Garber that you do NEVER want the MLS to come here. If you were at the Miami Ultras meeting with Don Garber you would have heard him say "If you want the MLS here put 10,000 fans in the stands. It worked for Montreal, Portland and Vancouver.

F19 said...

How many time does it need to be said?


But by supporting the Strikers that makes South Florida more enticing to MLS and investors who may want to partner with Traffic, or do it on their own, to bring us MLS. That is EXACTLY what happened in Seattle and Vancouver. The great support for D2 made new investors get on board and push for MLS.

Supporting the Strikers sends the biggest message of all to MLS, and that message is South Florida supports local soccer.

Antique said...

Support the sport if you want MLS. Supporting the Strikers supports th sport.

That interesting touch of bigotry in one anonymous post makes me wonder if MLS is what some of the negative posters here want.

Anonymous said...

Wait just a minute folks... I've got breaking news out of Wisconsin. The city of Milwaukee has seceded from the United States of America because the city of Green Bay has a NFL team and it doesn't, even though it is bigger and more popular. CNN is reporting that due to their lack of professional sports, the states of Delaware, Iowa, and Nebraska are soon to follow. Could this be the beginning of a second Civil War? NO!!!! BECAUSE ITS STUPID!!! Stop being Miami fans and start being soccer fans!!! SUPPORT LOCAL SOCCER! IT IS YOUR ONLY OPTION!

Just(in) a soccer fan said...

That is a great post!!! ^ I love the Strikers and they are my team! If I spend the next 30 years cheering for a D2 squad and playing the drums with South Florida United I'll be alright. Someday I hope the anonymous people out there will see that no matter who owns a team they'll probably find a way to disagree with them. Unless they buy a winner (Marlins '97) there will always be something wrong. Go Strikers, Flight-19!!!

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