Friday, March 11, 2011

Tim Robbie, Fort Lauderdale Strikers President

Tim Robbie came out of the starting blocks like a sprinter.
Already, he has hit the radio stations and papers across town in his quest to get the word out that South Florida's most successful soccer team, the Fort Lauderdale Strikers, is back! This afternoon he started off with an appearance at 640 AM Sports radio. He spoke to the Big "O" Orlando Alzugaray about his commitment and mission to make the new Strikers a success. You can listen to the full interview HERE
Following is a video from the Sun Sentinel:

Here are a few more links from Blogs and news sources covering the naming of Tim Robbie as the new Fort Lauderdale Strikers President.

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Antique said...

One of Robbie's comments, quoted in the Futmob blog, is worth posting: "Seeing what the vision is for the future with this franchise, I became convinced that everything is being done the right way. I thought it would be an exciting challenge to be a part of it".

He also says in the video clip that the Strikers would have to crawl before they can walk and walk before they can run.

Take these 2 thought together and it looks like the Strikers have a plan. a plan to stay and improve. A plan to grow. A plan to stay, grow and improve into what? What is it that so impressed and excited Tim Robbie to throw his lot and his family name in with the Strikers?

I don't really know, but it gets my full attention & excites me.

Support the sport! Support the Strikers! Maybe our dream can come true.

Antique said...

Just to add, the Sun-Sentinel article is a good one, too. It is the source for Futmob's quote, and more.

Anonymous said...

Same baloney, different cheese. What we want is MLS.

Antique said...

Dear Anonymous,

Oh, craven un-named one. Supporting the Strikers despite the baloney or cheese is the ONLY way you'll get MLS. Waiting for a sugar-daddy to emerge from nowhere won't work.

If you don't believe me, ask the folks that run MLS. They are the ones that told us that. Support MLS sponsored/involved events - Gold Cup Games on June 10th - and show them that you can support a team by supporting your local team - then Miami FC, now the Strikers & the WPS team in Boca - to demonstrate that you support the sport. That's what they are looking for.

The ignorant stupidity that you engage in will only delay the arrival of an MLS team to South Florida. Or kill it. It's too bad that you and the rest of the Southern Platoon - or is it actually Squad size - can't grasp these simple facts. Whine & wail as you wish. If we fail at getting MLS here please know that you are a huge part of the problem. The saddest thing is that the rest of us will have to suffer because of you clowns acting like spoiled brats.

Anonymous said...

Traffic sports is not the way to get MLS.

Antique said...


Anonymous said...

Whatever to you too Antique.

Antique said...

That's all you fools are worth.

Again, whatever.

Anonymous said...

All homo's who want MLS can go shove it.

Anonymous said...

To all SF fans who want MLS this is a message from Don Garber:

Garber said the league would “come running down to Miami” if South Florida could someday prove a viable market for a U.S. pro team. But he said “we just don’t believe today” the market would support an MLS team the way cities such as Seattle and Vancouver do.

Read more: