Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Soccer Movie of the Month--- Goal 2 "Living the Dream"

This months movie is Goal 2 "Living the Dream". The Second of a Trilogy.
The first episode we showed on this blog back in April of 2010. You can  go HERE to see it.
This second part continues to follow Santiago Muniz (Kuno Becker) in his dream of being a professional footballer. Living in East L.A., he makes his dream come true when one day he is given the chance to try out for Premiership club Newcastle United. This time he has his big chance with Real Madrid. You see him try to deal with his new found fame and finally meeting his mother and little brother.

You get to see glimpses of Real Madrid stars Iker Casillas, Iván Helguera, Sergio Ramos, Roberto Carlos, David Beckham, Raúl González, José María Gutiérrez (Guti), Zinédine Zidane, Ronaldo, Robinho and many more
See IMBD for more info. Following is the full movie: 

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