Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The new Ft. Lauderdale Strikers Jersey and more.

Last night the Fort Lauderdale Strikers revealed their new jerseys! I have to admit they look good. FMB contributor Mitch Rivera supplied us with these photos.

Check out more pictures and video at:
Miami Soccer fan

I also need to comment on the new updated websites. The Strikers website is great and the NASL's ( ) is even better. That, along with the new logos have been proof, for now, that Traffic has done their homework and improved from years past.
Still, though we have some new talent on the team, there is a question mark referering to the talent on the field. But last night they mentioned there are still 4 players to be signed. Today they mentioned 2 in Midfielder Patrick Otte and Goalkeeper Phillip Lamarre. Read more about them HERE 
Let's wait and see what coach Daryl Shore can muster up. We need a Championship team!

Check out this video of the Strikers glory years that the team released. The old meets the new!
Go Strikers!

Just saw the Strikers on Univision. See the picture below:

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