Wednesday, March 9, 2011

SF Soccer News: Robbie takes over Strikers. Ray Hudson 4 Life campaign and Gold Cup

Here is a recap of South Florida Soccer news for today.

Fort Lauderdale Strikers
The Sun Sentinel announced yesterday that the Strikers will have a press conference today to announce that Tim Robbie will take over as the Strikers President, replacing Aaron Davidson who will now concentrate on his role as NASL CEO.
The press conference was scheduled for today at noon at Fort Lauderdale Stadium. Reports tell us Robbie has been on the job since Monday. Here are a few quotes from today's event.
"I am convinced that soccer in South Florida is here to stay"
"We are starting a venture that has the foundation for tremendous success"
"We intend to put a team on the field that will...compete for a championship in a reasonable amount of time."
Tim Robbie
The Robbie family has been involved with the South Florida sports community since 1966 when they brought in the Dolphins and the old Fort Lauderdale Strikers to our area in 1977. By bringing Tim Robbie into the mix Traffic Sports, owners of The Strikers (And most of the NASL) have brought immediate credibility to the Strikers name as well as someone that is very much respected in our community for his contribution to soccer and sports in general.

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UPDATE: Full audio at

Ray Hudson 4 Life

South Florida soccer fans and supporters group the Miami Ultras have started a campaign to retire the number 4 jersey belonging to former Strikers player Ray Hudson.
While there have been many great players for the Strikers, there has been only one that truly left his mark on South Florida soccer. When you think of the Ft. Lauderdale Strikers one name comes to mind above all others and that name is Ray Hudson. Ray has left his mark on South Florida soccer like no other. He wore the hoops longer than any other Striker, commentated and coached for the Miami Fusion, still lives in Fort Lauderdale and can be heard on Gol TV.
If you want to read more about this and contribute to this noble cause visit
You can also join the Strikers 4 Life facebook page

Gold Cup
The Gold Cup is coming to Miami and matches are set to play at FIU Stadium on June 10. The games will be :

Jamaica vs Guatemala at 7:00 PM
Granada vs Honduras at 9:00 PM

Major League Soccer players that may be involved are:

Jamaican National team
Dane Richards New York Red Bulls
Omar Cummings Colorado Rapids
Ryan Johnson San Jose Earthquakes
Shavar Thomas Sporting Kansas City
Shaun Francis Columbus Crew
Lovel Palmer Houston Dynamo

Guatemala National team
Carlos Ruiz Philadelphia Union

Honduran National team
Marvin Chávez FC Dallas
Roger Espinoza Sporting Kansas City
Mauricio Castro New England Revolution

For ticket information visit Gold Cup.
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Anonymous said...

Aaron Davidson sucks!!! We want MLS not D2 soccer team.

Antique said...

Ahhhhh....the anonymous fools continue their stupidity. Davidson is not longer with the Strikers, so give that a hate rest.

We now have Div 2. If you want MLS support Div 2 to show MLS that we support the sport. There is no other way.

If you don't like that please shut up, if for no other reason than you'll stop making such an ignorant fool out of yourself in public.

Anonymous said...

That hater is sooooooo annoying...
Get a clue guy, we all want MLS but we should support what we have that is what Garber said.

I agree that Tim Robbie joining gives credibility to the Strikers name.

Who knows? Tim might be the one who will lead this team into MLS.

F19 said...

Ha I love it. For months you anonymous clowns have been claiming how "Aaron Davidson sucks!" and that "This is a cheap knockoff and it will tarnish the image of the Strikers". Yet now Aaron Davidson has stepped down, and TIM ROBBIE, the very same Tim Robbie that was a major part of the original Strikers, comes on as president and what is the reaction?

"Aaron Davidson sucks!!! We want MLS not D2 soccer team."


Anonymous said...

I'm beginning to think this may actually work, the new Strikers! Robbie being back is HUGE. And this is from me, a total skeptic of anything Traffic touches.

Anonymous said...

Tim, Traffic or Davidson will bring MLS to South Florida. D2 soccer will not make it in South Florida. It sucks!!

Anonymous said...

Dont be blind they will not bring you MLS.

Anonymous said...

You F19 are a moron and the rest of your group.

F19 said...

^ Yeah you stay classy sir.

Sure, I'm the moron. I've taken my time and passed out flyers for MLS season tickets for the Barcelona AND MLS Miami Bid efforts. I was at the Honduras vs. Peru game in 2009, with my nearly non-existent Spanish skills, gathering signatures to bring the World Cup to Miami. And most important of all, I've supported my local team 100%. Both as Miami FC at Tropical Park and FIU, and now as the Strikers in Fort Lauderdale.

I've volunteered my time and effort towards bringing MLS back to South Florida. You clowns bashing local soccer are only hurting the great effort and hard work put forth by myself and other local fans to keep interest in soccer going here.

I'll be in section 120 at Lockhart Stadium for each and every game, cheering on my local soccer team. Where will you be? Bitching about Traffic in front of your computer? I hope not because that's not gonna help bring MLS back.

Anonymous said...

I'm mixed on this. Traffic/Davidson are idiots that have done such a poor job in this market. They should have played at FIU from the beginning, invested in some players, marketed the team, etc.

I have been concerned even as someone from Miami-Dade County who'd prefer the team to still be here about the Ft Lauderdale name- not because I want it to be called Miami but because the Ft Lauderdale Strikers are the best legacy in South Florida sports in my opinion- but i'm biased because I don't like American Football. I did not want Traffic ruining the name.

Robbie coming back will be the best thing ever IF and it's a big IF, he is actually running the team and he is not simply being used by Davidson to make the new Strikers and new NASL appear more legitimate than it would or should otherwise.

The Robbie family cares deeply about the legacy of the Strikers and Dolphins. I fear Davidson, the same person who broke apart a league in USL may have played on Robbie's emotional attachment to the Strikers and NASL to get him in to provide cover for Davidson and Traffic's incompetence.


This is the start of a new golden era of soccer down here.

Only time will tell.

Antique said...

Certainly Traffic Sports still own the Strikers and the money calls the shots, but, I doubt that Tim Robbie would even think of taking this job unless he's the man in charge. He undoubtedly has a budget to work within and a plan to follow, but he had to agree with all that before he decided to be the boss.

Do I expect him to create/perform miracles? Not really. Unless you think a well run, competitive team is a miracle (all things considered over the past 5 years, that might be the case). I do expect improvements, however. Both on field and off. I hope he's as open and available to the fans as Aaron is, but I honestly want an overall better organization than we are used to.

My only question is why he'd take this job with a lowly Div 2 team in the 1st place? To save the name and reputation of something his family started? Or to take that step-child to something better?

His appointment is a very interesting move from several perspectives.

Support the Sport by supporting the Strikers. Help bring MLS back.


Anonymous said...

I am reconnecting with this team now. I'll be driving up from South Miami for many of the games. This proves to me that this new Strikers are at least somewhat legit, and not just a more glamorized version of the incredible failure known as Miami FC.

I believe all of our voices were heard. Davidson was an absentee owner/president. He was into the NASL and Traffic selling and buying players. I give Davidson credit for standing down, but still believe he and Traffic have done far more damage than good for soccer in our area.

We now have someone who has proven his quality management in previous years.

I am suddenly psyched about the Strikers after months of trashing it. Call me a convert.

Anonymous said...

Traffic/Davidson still control the team and the league. They don't want to jump to the MLS.

Anonymous said...

South Florida soccer fans against Traffic Sports/Aaron Davidson.

Anonymous said...

I agree 100% Traffic/Davidson have done more damage than good for soccer in our area.

Anonymous said...

Traffic run the team and it will be the samething. Bad D2 team run by people that only care to sale players. They don't care about soccer fans.

per head service said...

in my opinion I think that Ray Hudson would have done a lot of many good things at Strikers, if he would have had the opportunity to be the coach