Monday, March 21, 2011

Fort Lauderdale Strikers Soccerthon and fan video.

Soccerthon was a fun event organized by the Fort Lauderdale Strikers this past weekend. Following you will find pictures as well as a fan video made by Miami Ultra Mitch Rivera.

All pictures by Mitch Rivera
More pictures can be seen on


PokerFiend said...

really cool football blog, cheers!

Anonymous said...

nice pics!


Antique said...

Love the bumblebee socks! I hope someone in the Strikers front office saw them and took it as a hint. I wonder how much the Ultras would have to spend to buy them for the team? The question is, of course, would the team wear them if we bought them?

Also, maybe we should push for a Strikers scarf for public purchase. The Ultras scarf is nice, but it is a dated Miami FC blue. We need a striped or checkered scarf in Strikers red/yellow (or gold, if you prefer) with the Strikers logos on it. A few thousand of those displayed in the stands, along with Striker jerseys and T-Shirts, may well be bright enough to blind the opposition.

Just(in) a soccer fan said...

@ Antique..The Ultras have a redesigned scarf that will hopefully be ready during the first couple games of the season. Check Also Flight 19 has a scarf on the way. The socks came form a website and they were about $8.00 a pair.